>> The Gries

This is where Graz becomes international

The Project Area in Graz

The 5th district of Graz, Gries, offers numerous starting points for artistic work. The district is notable for its heterogeneity, thus differing from other districts: first-class hotels are located almost next to striptease bars; a Muslim praying center lies close to the slaughterhouse; in a neighborhood park, residents of the adjacent old people's home meet up with youths and people searching for recreation who speak a wide variety of foreign languages; violin etudes emanating from the music conservatory are over tuned by Balkan turbo-folk music coming from bars and restaurants - a district full of contrasts indeed.

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The letters of the logo are taken from the Gries district.
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The image of the district is strongly characterized by its large number of immigrants, leading to a unique cultural diversity. A part of the population of Graz, however, still considers Gries just a »blue collar district« and the home of »sex and crime«. Slowly but also definitely you can hear the opinion that Graz wouldn't be a real city without Gries.